• My job involves a computer...and I work 12 hour shifts. I wouldnt say it is affecting my eyes (except for the occasional headache) but I believe I will eventually have carpel tunnel...My arms go numb sometimes.
  • *squint* I don't spend many hours as a commuter. What an odd question.. and what do you mean is it affecting my eels? I don't take them with me! Anyway, I don't travel often, I spend far more time on the computer. :P
  • I spend 3 hours daily staring at my computer monitor. I don't wear glasses but I think it's indeed affecting my vision. My left eye is a little tiny blurry than the other and I cry a lot.
  • I've noticed that if I spend a long time at the computer, particularly in the winter months, my right hand goes cold (and then a bit numb) much faster than if I'm doing something more 'active' like typing or gaming. I have an MS natural keyboard though (one of the original ones, pushing 8 years old now!) so I've largely managed to escape the carpal tunnel problem... thus far. Typing on normal keyboards hurts my hands and wrists now, though. As for my eyes? Well, I've always had awful sight - very short-sighted. I sit the recommended distance from the screen and I have a fairly large monitor (19" widescreen Samsung LCD at 1440x900) which has beautiful colour reproduction, great contrast in all light conditions and is crystal clear, so I don't have to strain my eyes to see what's on the screen. My back probably suffers the most, because I always catch myself slouching (and the chair I have at the moment is one of those slatted wood chairs which folds up - and with a big gap where the lumbar support should be; god bless my tenancy agency for providing us with awful furniture!) That's solvable though with a trip to Ikea. Moving from an old CRT to an LCD years ago, and then upgrading to a much clearer, brighter LCD - and correctly setting it up for my environment (using the software which came with the screen to configure brightness, contrast etc) has made a real improvement to my working environment when it comes to lessening the problem of eyestrain. Also having the monitor at the correct height is good too to ensure the most even spread of backlight for the LCD.
  • about 12 hours a day and my eyes yes is starting to bother me
  • a lot depending on what im doing, it dont seem to affect my eyes any

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