• Is this a laptop or desktop? What kind of speakers? When did this begin happening? Have any of the speaker connections been changed or remoeved for any reasons prior to them making these sounds? Does your computer sound still work? Do you have an aftermarket soundcard or a built in sound card? Adress these questions and i may be able to come to a conclusion/reason/fix for you.
  • Connect some headphones to your speaker out on the computer. If the thumping occures in the headphones at this point, you may have a bad sound card. If Not; Verify all your connections: power supply, subwoofer connections (if this is a 2.1 setup), input etc. leave your speakers on but disconected from the computer, if thumping still occures its entirely the speakers; and unless your familiar with troubleshooting and repairing op amp circuits, you may have to replace your speakers. Software is not a likely cause of the problem and thus, im sure your computer is fine. Good luck.
  • This sounds like a radio interference problem. If you have a new cordless phone, or wireless audio transmitter, or any type of consumer cordless or radio system, it will be sending out radio signal pulses periodically to confirm connection, even if it is not being used. These transmission are detected by the electronics and wiring in you audio system. The system may be yours or belong to someone nearby. Try moving you computer and or speakers in order to increase the distance from whatever is causing the interference.
  • I occasionally hear a short repetitive sound from my computer speakers also. The sound includes a buzzing like noise. Interestingly I have heard the same sound from a radio that I was playing at a totally different location. There was no computer there. Then I heard it on my car radio. Sometimes I heard the noise when my cell phone was about to ring. Others times I just heard it. I cannot tie the noise from the computer to any external event. My cell phone did not ring nor was any portable phone being used. I live in a rural area and the closest house is 150 ft away.
  • Im ata loss myself, like posted before me. My headphone jack gives a repetative thumping sound. It started today after my explorer bar froze and i had to soft reboot. Ever since Ive been unable to fix it, and continue using my headset. I use them alot since i often have sensative sleepers nearby.
  • would you please check your bios setup and try to restore your bios settings to default given by the manufacturer. It can happen due to a confliction of sound with other devices. I hope this will help.
  • Do an antivirus scan immediatly because viruses can cause your speakers to play strange sounds.

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