• What exactly is your discovery?
  • thank you for your reply. for sixty years the attempt to perform fusion on hydrogen is still ongoing. I believe i have succeded in clearly defining the path of pursuit to accomplish this task. The hydrogen i am using is bound in the water molecule. i use water as the fuel. video on youtube for more info
  • no wonder global economy dies
  • time will tell- hopefully before global nuclear war over ENERGY
  • it seems global nuclear war only way for change to come- I hear American president scream for HOPE daily- hope people change to a more dignified united people to work together and find solutions- as the republicans try to denounce him- 23 months now upon net built upon ten years of ideas starting with HIV destruction techniques- NONE help- friends dont- passer bys dont- if I dont sign your paycheck or offer banana for stimulation- you will have no FAITH in your fellowman to help uncover a solution to this energy crisis- i remember over and over a friend would say- why should i help- none help me- and I do understand their point- he is a stock broker- and I a scientists for deeds to the betterment of mankind-for all of us- TRULY- the wars come because during times of peace man is at war with one another in stupidity ugliness arrogance-prejudice-bullyism-etc- BUT all is meant to be- a century documented upon media of what do to-and what not to do- america at war against people with OIL-ENERGY- gas-coal-prices are up-thus food prices up-everything up and poor people collapse first-now house of cards collapse- ENERGY is key to make advanced civilization sustain itself and children- will the true and only way of energy via nuclear fusion be found before another calamity akin to ww2 occur before friends passer bys etc see the words " I have solved the energy crisis" and take action- I HOPE so before global nuclear war over ENERGY is fought- time will tell- this video repeats 4 minutes in to production- what do you want from a one man show;)
  • America fights global war right now with terrorists over energy- but the masters will tell the slaves otherwise so you obey- soon it goes nuclear as they dont care in japan and now as you are an ugly faithless back stabbing monkey race- if you want to grab destiny by the hand and lead it to utopia- FORCE a university to repeat this experiment- after almost 3 full years screaming on net while you belittle and ignore- I understand the slaughter must come for your humility to be nurtured

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