• The current Town of Estill traces its roots back to Lawtonville, SC, located 1 mile to the West. Settled by Benjamin Thornstacle D'Ion Lawton In 1775, Pipe Creek Church of Regular Baptists was established as part of the Charleston Association of Baptists and later, the Savannah River Association. These organizations were forerunners of today's Southern Baptist Convention. Pipe Creek Church eventually became Lawtonville Baptist Church and was an important part of Lawtonville, SC. Lacking a railroad, Lawtonville was never a large important center of commerce. Nonetheless, during the Civil War, 15,000 soldiers (part of the Unions 15th Corp travelled from Savannah to North Carolina and this included fighting through present day Hampton County with engagements in Lawtonville which was largely leveled. Lawtonville Baptist Church was reduced to its stone steps and its cemetery in January, 1865. After 1900, a railroad was built approximately 1 mile East of Lawtonville and the town largely moved to the site of the new railroad. Named for Colonel James Holbrook Estill (who brought the railroad to the new town site), Estill, SC was incorporated on September 8, 1905. Later the railroad through Estill became the well known Seaboard Air Line, then the Seaboard Coast Line which also marketed itself as the "Family Line System", and today is CXS (a merger between the Chessie System and Seaboard Coast Line in 1986) Thanks to the railroad, passenger and commerce greatly assisted in the development of Estill for many years. Source:

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