• Yes, is important as your have a correct corset, make to tight lacing, do not use replica of old days corset. And a corset is physical habit-forming. No, have moderation in all things; If you have a correct corset, and can stop tighting if you have ache, you can been very tight in a corset, without any harm. By correct corset, tight lacing body is correspond to body of pregnant. And women are prepared to tight lacing or to pregnancy.
  • If the corset is correctly made, then no. Obviously if you're pregnant or have recently had an operation then you must take more care, but visit a professional corset maker and you'll be okay.
  • In the days when corsets were fashionable, ladies wore them as tight as possible to make their waists look smaller -- so tight, in fact, that they could scarcely breathe, let alone eat a heavy meal. So yes, I would say it would be harmful, especially over a period of time, and also if you have digestive problems that would make the situation even worse. I presume you're asking this question because you have some figure flaw that you wish to hide or make less apparent. In that case, I'd suggest you can create an illusion of slimness by the type of clothing you wear, such as darker colors in a monochromatic look (all one color as opposed to breaking up your silhouette with a skirt or pants of one color and a top in another.) Also, shiny fabrics, horizontal stripes, or large prints and bulky materials will make you look heavier. Some more generously proportioned women make the mistake of wearing loose-fitting garments that have no shape, thinking that type of clothing will make them look thinner, but what it does, in fact, is just the opposite. Try simple, well-fitting and tailored fashions that flatter your figure and visually take away the things you want to hide. This type of style will also make you look taller as well as slimmer, and you'll be more comfortable as well. Then accessorize with beautiful scarves and jewelry to complete the look. As for the tight corset, you can stash it away in grandmother's attic along with the other antiques. You won't be needing it. Goldiemae
  • It is certianly harmful to wear an extremely tight corset. Back in the day women wore corsets to highlight some of their "more positive" features such as the breasts. Wearing the corset makes the waist appear smaller and the chest appear larger. It has been proven that after repetitive use of extremely tight corsets the internal organs of a female become restricted and can grow abnormally.
  • Harm to the lady or the guy looking? The corsets I see now are not cinched up. Just form fitting. And oh my are they sexy, especially the ones with shelf bras. Hot diggety dog
  • If the corset is correctly made, this being custome made to fit you, then wearing it tight should not cause a problem. There are to difinitions of the corset. One is when it is used for figure training and the other for medical purposes. My 10 year old son is in a orthopaedic corset for a spinal condition which it was made to a cast for a perfect fit. It extends from buttocks to armpits and is boned front sides and back with rigid molded steels for the full length of the corset. Although this type of corset is not for figure training it must still be worn very tight at all times and for 23 hours a day. The object of this corset is to imobolize his spine and to achieve this must be tight and rigid. The affects of the orthopaedic corset seems to be much more restricting than a normal training corset. In the corset he cannot bend, sitting is possible but made difficult because of the rigid steel bonning.
  • Corsets are not inherently dangerous or damaging to health. When worn in moderation they improve posture and reduce fatigue especially when long periods of standing or a lot of walking are required. Modern wearers report comfort and support. A corset can be harmful when laced very tight over a very short period of time, without acclimatization. Acclimatization, as in Figure training, involves long term wear of progressively smaller corsets, not necessarily tighter corsets. The body adapts, the same way as it does during pregnancy and no ill effects follow. As a result it is possible over a period of months to reduce the size of the waist, without ever submitting to anything that is made overly tight. There are several good sites available covering these issues in detail: Theresa

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