• I used to love baseball and still do! I would dream of a day when i would be in Major League Baseball throwing a no hitter. One of my best memories, and a pretty funny one, was one time when i was about 10 I had allergies really bad so i had to take benedryl which made me really sleepy and I fell asleep standing on first base!
  • soccer. as soon as i got home from school i was out in the street and at the weekends up the local park. Now computers have taken over and sadly you don't see as much of this now . Kids need to get back to enjoying themselves outside more , they don't know what they're missing.
  • We did softball and baseball and swimming in the summer. Also skated outside. In winter we skated on ponds and inside rinks and also roller skated and bowled indoors.
  • I got my black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was 12. At the time that was quite an accomplishment. Now any 8 yr old with a blue belt could kick my ass.
  • I used to swim and roller blade alot. It was the cool thing in my little group of friends to go to the roller rink. One time, I was at the roller rink for my birthday and there was a laps competition. I think I was about 8 or 9, and I had won the competition, but I was going too fast and sped past the person with my cupon prize. I tried to slow down and turn around, but when I turned I feel on my face. That was great, considering I was the only one of the skaters left on the floor by that time. I heard everyone laugh. Embarassing, but not the worst thing ever!
  • From ages 7-12 I used to love playing soccer. I had dreams and aspirations to become a great player. In my later years of soccer I was a great goalkeeper and was almost scouted by Liverpool. However, I started playing rugby at age 12, and have not looked back. I have natural ability passed down from my grandfather and father, andam now becoming a very good player
  • All sports that I could plus ballet classes, I just loved sport of any kind and my school was very sporty and competitive even at a young age. I did not Ice Skate at that time in school or play Softball, we played rounders.Also we were considered young for girls playing Golf and did not start lessons in school but did outside of school
  • Ballet, singing, playing handbells
  • I totally loved chorus and orchestra!

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