• Is there something special about children from Utah? I'm fine with the age 16 myself. I assume it's 16 in all states.
  • No, I don't think it should... Sidenote: I think Montana is 14 if you live a certain distance from a populated area...and I also think Iowa is 15...
  • 8-12-2017 Well, let's get technical. It's not the driving age, it's the licensing age. A person can drive without a license. Farm equipment is specifically exempted from licensing, and any citizen has a right to transport personal property on public roads without permission or licensing. But if you have a vehicle that is registered, then you are an operator and you have to have an operator's permit. Very few people are aware of any of this, except the farm equipment part, and it is normal for children to operate farm equipment as soon as they are big enough to reach the pedals.
    • Jewels Vern
      I have no information about Utahns except that I am from there. A lot of people call me "Hey U."

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