• In a word, yes. Whitestrips, like all other whitening agents, contains hydrogen peroxide. This is the ingredient that cleans teeth. Proctor & Gamble funded a December 2002 random study of 32 people where 94% of Whitestrips users claimed they had significant whitening. On the other hand, that is a small test group, so the numbers may not be reflective of results in the general population. Also of note is the fact that the American Dental Association will not grant its Seal of Acceptance as to over-the-counter whiteners. Either way, you should really consult your dentist for information on whitening and general oral care. For information on preventing yellowing teeth, see
  • I think they work. But i dont like them too much. its hard to keep them on without salavating so much that they fall off......
  • I tried Crest White Strips, Colgate Simply White, Rembrandt two-hour whitening, and lots of whitening toothpastes. So here is my opinion (from experience) on each: Crest White Strips - hard to keep on teeth; do not expect results like those on the commercials (it would probably take repeated usage before your teeth are as white as the models on the commercials); the taste of the gel on the strips is horrible and does not go away easily; I did not see a small change until I was finished using the (14-day) package. Colgate Simply White - Does not stay on teeth well; wipes off too easily; if you can avoid your teeth touching your top lip, then you'll see results much faster; the taste isn't as bad as the whitestrips and the results are actually better/ faster than that of the WhiteStrips. Remebrandt Two-hour Whitening - horrible! I evenly distributed the gel into the tray and put the tray nicely on my teeth, but for some reason, white spots appeared on my teeth as a result of the gel whitening only some areas; (it's been a month and the uneven whitening is still on my teeth); I do NOT recommend using this product. Whitening Toothpastes - these are probably the best methods to take; they keep your teeth white for longer periods of time and they help to keep stains away as well as keep your teeth healthy. Using these products too much causes damage to your teeth and gums. I suggest using only the toothpastes to ensure the health of your teeth.
  • Yes they work! Whitening toothpaste has an abrasive and should be used with care but "whitestrips" do work and in clinical tests have been proven safe and effective. The dental therapy for whitening speeds up the bleaching action of peroxide, which is used in a much higher concentration by dentists (15% to 43%) than in over-the-counter products, which use 3% to 6% peroxide. Dental therapy is very expensive.
  • I've been told by my dental hygenist that you have to be careful because they can do more harm than good sometimes
  • I've used them in the past and they did whiten. I think they made my teeth almost too white.
  • I have a pair of Crest White Strips Supreme (through dentist only, 14% peroxide) in my mouth right now, and they have been working wonders for me for two years. Depending on your dark food, coffee, tea, cola, tobacco, or red wine consumption, these work and keep your teeth white for a significant amount of time. I have had no problems with pain, gum damage or discoloration, skin discoloration, or anything. I can even get them on quite quickly, actually. If you are still considering it, I would talk to your dentist about it. They work wonders for me!
  • yes
  • I don't think they will provide you with the result you're aiming for since they can't cover the whole visible circle of your tooth, you can end up with white spots. I must admit it depends on the jaw and teeth emselves. Dental cleanups usually more efficient, Can't say anything about Laser tho

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