• Magic Eraser is a cleaning stick made of melamine foam. Melamine is a resin used in construction and the automotive industry as a sound barrier and flame retardant. It also imparts strength and is used in such products as dinnerware and laminate counter tops. The eraser is moistened with water so it adheres slightly to the surface to be cleaned. (Mr. Clean likens this to licking your finger when you turn a page.) Then it is rubbed over the spot or stain. The water breaks down the product into a microscopic polymer abrasive that grabs dirts in the spaces that a regular sponge or brush can't get to. For a more in-depth article see:
  • The Magic Eraser is made from the laughter of angels. When humans make messes that nothing else can clean up, grab one of these little gifts from Heaven and restore beauty to the world! When activated by water, the little, white, fluffy brick releases it's tiny, microscopic Goodness and banishes whatever is impure or mars beauty! The peals of angelic glee can be heard loud and clear as you go... within your own head, in the form of "Oh, thank Heaven!"

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