• unplug it. Plug it back up 10 mins later and see if it will reset. If that does not work you have 2 options. Pry it open with a knife or screw driver. The other option would be to open the dvd player up by removing the casing only. Then pushing the drive out manually as there should be a shield above the dvd preventing you from just taking it out.
  • DO NOT try to remove it yourself! If you try prying it open, or remove the plastic casing yourself it may void any warranty you have on the player and you may damage it beyond repair. Take it to a professional.
  • Don't try to open it up, because if you do you might break the plastic around the part in which you're trying to open. Just leave it to a professional to try to fix it. Once.. I put a DVD in the DVD player and i didn't like the movie.. so I opened the DVD player so I can put another one in it; without pressing stop, and it just got stuck open 1/2 of the way. I then tried to open it with bread knives -but the plastic part came off (Not all the way off). Then I just left it to be (Tapped back in the plastic part that broke off) and told my parents about it.
  • I usually open the casing myself to remove it, it's almost the same price to replace the player than it is to pay a "technician" who is going to dop just that, if you're still under the waranty, then use it for what it's worth.

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