• Go to your local pharmacy or GNC they have drinks that can help you. My brother use to drink these protein nasty smelling drinks before he worked out. He got really big, but please becareful not to strain yourself.
  • don't try to get buff, it slows you down alot; work on conditioning your muscles.
  • Ask a personal trainer, or just some guyz at the gym. Its not that you are asian. There is pleanty of buff asian men at my gym. Maybe you just need a few supplemnents. Ask around mostly guyz that look like they know what they are doing.
  • The Best LEGAL way is Protein Shakes and extra meals. Have a Protein Shake directly after your work-out, what this does is when your body burns fat the protein replaces it AND helps aid muscle Repair and Growth. When trying to buff up, your body needs more "fuel" i.e food to help growth and repair, and extra fat means more fat gets turned into muscle. so try eating about 5 MEALs a day, at least two high in protein chicken, fish etc... and two protein shakes a day (one with breakfast) and you'll be getting buff muscle wise, in no time speak to a personal trainer though for proper working out techniques, and when your built up do some "toning" (more Reps less weight). thats the way drug-free body-builders have done it for years and it works :) hope that helps.

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