• The PlayStation Portable Pandora battery is a fan-made battery used for many different software and firmware upgrades. The PSP Pandora battery sets the PSP battery into a user friendly software mode that prompts the PSP to boot only software related systems.

    What makes it a Pandora battery?

    A Pandora battery is any battery that has been switched into customer service mode which Sony uses to fix PSPs it receives for repairs.

    Hardmoding a Pandora battery

    Hardmoding a Pandora battery is a process in which you open up a normal PSP battery, cut two circuits out of the battery and close the battery. Having those two specific circuits missing will make the PSP read the battery as a customer service or Pandora battery.

    Softmoding a Pandora battery

    Softmoding a Pandora battery is a process in which you use a battery converter to temporarily put your PSP battery into customer service mode. Unlike hardmoding, you will be able to turn your battery back to normal after you are finished.

    Why a Pandora battery?

    The customer service mode is used by Sony to fix PSPs that are having software issues. But fans have discovered that by erasing files that can only be accessed in customer service mode they can customize their PSP with their own programming.

    Is it legal?

    Using a Pandora battery to customize your PSP is frowned upon by Sony but so long as you do not attempt to steal gaming software or maliciously attack the other programs from the PSP it is legal.


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