• A bathroom remodel can be excruciating. The corners are smaller, the fixtures pricier. There are simpler ways to change the look of your bathroom. One way to change the entire look and feel of your bathroom is to change out your shower doors and install a shower curtain, which can give your bathroom a completely different look.


    Purchasing the necessary elements for your project depends on the door that you are removing and how your bathroom is set up. If your shower is curved, you need to get a curved shower rod, or perhaps you want that look regardless. You will also need to determine how your door is affixed to the sides and what the shower is made of, either fiberglass, tile or acrylic.

    Remove the door and tracks

    Taking down the old door is a home improvement project that is simple to say but difficult to execute. Remove the doors themselves first, then remove the door tracks. The door tracks are generally installed and held on with caulking and screws, so the potential for damage to the shower is high. Heat a putty knife to slice through the space between the sides of the shower and the track. Finally, remove all caulk residue by cleaning where the track was with mineral spirits.

    Fill and patch any holes

    Fill any screw holes that appeared after removing the screws and the door tracks in Step 2. There are two ways to achieve this without hiring a professional: First, fill and patch the hole, using a product like a shower door patch kit. Match the color to the shower. A less challenging solution is to visit a hardware store and buy stainless steel screws and washers, and screw them back into the holes to "cap" the hole. This might not meet with your overall aesthetic, but saves the risk of further needed repairs.

    Install the curtain

    Hang the shower curtain rod and affix the curtain. A common mistake is hanging the rod and then having to take it down if you choose to use rigid loops to hang the curtain, so hang the loops before installation if you choose that type of hanger. Get a shower curtain that vertically covers the shower opening and blocks the water flow, so water stays in the shower and not on the bathroom floor.

    Preventative maintenance

    Clean or replace your curtain when needed. A shower curtain can get discolored by hard water or attract mildew because of the extremely moist conditions. Ensure that after every shower the bathroom is ventilated to let the shower curtain dry, and wash it occasionally in hot water with 1 cup of bleach. If you buy an expensive shower curtain that matches the bathroom decor, buy a plain interior liner that you can change out when needed while keeping the overall look of the bathroom without replacing the expensive curtain.


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