• Mold can be an incipient problem. It can grow inside walls without detection until it reaches the wall surfaces. There are several causes of mold growth in the room corners of houses particularly, one of the most common being condensation build-up.


    Air is filled with water vapor. This moisture will stay within the air molecules until a temperature variation is reached. Warmer air releases its water vapor when it meets a colder surface. Rooms that have an exterior wall are vulnerable to mold growing in the corners, where warmer interior air meets the colder exterior air.

    Humid Air

    Rooms that are next to a bathroom, kitchen, or other room with a heated water source can develop mold in the corners. Moist, heated air will be trapped in the corners, even in rooms without exterior walls.

    Insufficient Ventilation

    Having a well-heated house will not necessarily prevent mold. Air needs to move through a house to prevent moisture from collecting in corners of a room, regardless of its location.

    Insufficient Insulation

    Walls that are not properly insulated will allow cold air to meet warmer interior air. Again, this inversion will cause moisture to collect in the corners.

    Construction Problems

    Gaps in wall stud joints, floor plates, and ceiling joists can also let in cold exterior air. Mold will be able to grow in room corners as a result.


    DIY Condensation

  • A poor drainage system that fails to keep water away from the building can be the main cause of unwanted moisture in the house. The choice of the drainage system depends on the type of soil in the foundation. If the examination shows that it’s the main reason for your humidity problem, professionals have to study your surroundings and find the best solution. To waterproof your basement from the outside, they have to excavate a foundation wall all the way to the footing, clean it, seal the cracks, install new and waterproofing dimpled membrane and weeping tile pipe, and then proceed to backfilling and compacting. If you face one of those problems, I would highly recommend that you take action as soon as possible. Reach out to licensed basement waterproofers on the phone, explain your situation, and they'll come up with the best solution. I needed to replace the drain pipe inside my house. My friend recommended ​ and it was definitely a great choice. I am planning to do waterproofing in the spring and will definitely call them again.
  • Moisture. Get a good dehumidifier.

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