• Yellow root tea is a beverage made from the yellow root plant (known by the scientific name Xanthorhiza simplicissima) thought to have curative properties.


    Yellow root tea, made with the yellow root plant native to the East Coast and parts of the Midwest, has been traditionally used to treat sore throat, diabetes, high blood pressure, sour stomach and a host of other ailments.


    Yellow root tea is prepared like a typical tea. One retailer suggests placing the plants roots and leaves in cheesecloth, tying it at both ends, and placing the bundle in boiling water.


    Yellow root tea has a bitter, somewhat unpleasant taste, and becomes more bitter the longer it is boiled. Therefore honey or other sweeteners are recommended additions to yellow root tea.


    Yellow root can be found growing in moist areas, often near rivers or streams. It can also be ordered online, typically in bundles.

    Active Ingredient

    Yellow root tea's curative properties are believed to be associated with berberine, which is a chemical known to have therapeutic properties. However, scientific research has not explicitly indicated the use of yellow root tea for the treatment of any medical condition.


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