• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Carpet Tiles Can Be Put Over Hardwood

    Carpet tiles can be put over hardwood; in fact, this is a good way to install carpeting without damaging hardwood floors. Peel-and-stick carpet tiles can be put down without using tack strips or glue. This will help maintain the hardwood floors underneath the carpet tiles, so that you can easily transition back to hardwood when ready.

    On the Other: Consider Comfort and Appearance

    Carpet tiles will not have padding underneath like wall-to-wall carpeting does, and the floor will feel much harder as a result. Also, carpet tiles are difficult to put down on stairs because you are not dealing with a flat surface; some seams will show as a result.

    Bottom Line

    Carpet tiles can be put over hardwood floors, and they will help preserve the hardwood floors for future use. With no padding used under the carpet tiles, however, floors will feel harder. The carpet also may appear disjointed on steps due to visible seams.


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