• Witch balls have had a long history. They are used to ward off spirits, illness and spells. They are also used for decorative purposes among people who do not practice witchcraft.They are still taken seriously among practicing witches and aid in magical protection. They also serve as gazing balls which are used to predict the future and perform magic.


    Witch ball are orbs of blown glass that come in different sizes and colors. Traditionally a witch ball hangs facing the east. However, you can place your witch ball anywhere you choose.

    Witch Ball Purposes

    A witch ball protects against evil spells, witches, negativity, sickness and ill fortune. It will ward off all negative energy. The ball traps negative energy because the negativity is attracted to the beautiful colors and dimensions of the ball.


    According to the Sunny Reflections website, witch balls have existed for over 600 years. They were molded into spherical shapes and used to keep witches, goblins and evil spirits away. The more beautiful and perfect the shape and color of the ball, the more prestige and wealth its owner was said to have.


    Over time, witch balls have had different names. Some of the previous names of witch balls are Fairy Orbs, Pond Balls, Spirit Balls, Friendship Balls, Good Luck Balls, Globes of Happiness, Gazing Balls and Butler Globes.


    Witch balls can also double as gazing balls. Gazing balls are usually of one solid color and are larger and highly reflective. Gazing balls are used for scrying (peering into the present or future), finding answers to urgent questions and divining or performing magical tasks.


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