• Of course. Female beauty undermines the brain’s reaction to fairness and unfairness. Men’s judgments get skewed, making it even easier for beautiful women to take advantage of them financially.
  • Not with me. I don't give a damn what a person looks like if they're a jackass and I have no problem calling them out on it.
  • 90% of the time, yes.
  • Yes looks have a lot do with how treat and respond to others goes both ways. Attractive women and men get an easier path
  • No. Through TV soaps and movies lead people to think otherwise. It;s personality - not looks - that enables people to get away with behaviours
  • No, because where I come from we don't judge people by looks and nobody gets away with rude, obnoxious behaviour here.
  • Sadly, it has been known, even when it violates my personal principles. Why isn't there a law against that?
  • No. It's just a trope that weak minded fools use to justify their insecurity. Also, some of the ugliest people you could ever hope to meet are usually quite successful. Mainly as shallow and superficial people tend not to bother them for sexual favours as much.

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