• That's a great question. I don't know. Someone should let him know he's out of fashion. 😃😃😃
  • Because Jane does not like to be scratched in some areas of her body....and it tickles her nose.....
    • Black Mystique
      So true~! I don't think I've ever really like beards. Love Goatees though
    • Ice man
      LOL, no comment ..just lol. : )
  • Don't think I've ever liked beards other than goatees :-)
  • Because he uses the sharper side of his spear to shave. And uses the reflection of the water as his mirror.
    • Dan
      But why does he want to be clean shaven?
    • righty1
      He doesn't need to define his jawline with a beard, Dan. He's already good-looking. Haha! :)
  • Because Jane is not an Aries.
    • Ice man
      I'll have to keep that in mind. : )
  • Because movie makers are not a bit stupid.
  • He did at one point, but it kept getting tangled up and pulled when he was swinging in the vines, causing too many accidents . Then one of the wise apes told him to get rid of it or they'd changed his name to "George of the jungle". And now you know the rest of the story ... : )
    • Whitehair
      Is the old humorous spirit seeping in???? Love it.
    • Ice man
      lol Thanks
  • Alopecia.
    • Whitehair
  • There is no such person, so he is perfect. Who taught him English? Where did he get his haircuts, soap to bathe with?
  • grown as an animal so its better to ask why Tarzan cover his dick and ass its not an animal characteristic
  • Maybe it is because of the gene.

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