• good question! i don't understand this myself. i like to use my nice wine glasses (or whatever) when i feel like indulging myself...
  • At my age, everyday is a special occasion. The hub and I always use the good stuff.
  • My Mum uses her "good china" for when guests come over, or for a Christmas type event. I don't have any "good china" but I do have "good glasses" and I use my good glasses to drink alcohol out of instead of soft drink. It is odd that people safe stuff and never use it at all, what is the point of having something and never using it. Good question :)
    • mushroom
      I know, it's part of the "packrat" mentality. It might be because the "good" china is more expensive and they'd like it to last as long as possible, feeling that extra care is needed for cleaning and storage that would be too much for everyday use. Hard to break the habit.
  • We save them, so that when a special occasion arises they are not chipped or otherwise damaged. If they were used every day, they'd show everyday wear and possibly not be around (at least in admirable condition) when you wanted something 'nice' and matching to set out. For example, we use our special china for the family on special occasions. It's not as much about worthiness as it is about wanting the table to look special for special occasions.
  • I guess alot are saved as collectables to be passed down to generations
  • I have a set of China and Silver that I am saving for my fiftieth anniversary. Neither have ever been out of the box. That is my idea of delayed gratification!
    • mushroom
      When I've tried to do such a thing (not fiftieth anniversary...yet) I often lose track of having the item altogether.
  • That's because fine china vary widely in their value. An older, antique piece of china will command a higher price than newer pieces.

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