• A sachet is a small purse or bag filled with herbs or potpourri. Since sachets are easy to make, they can be a fun and inexpensive holiday stocking stuffer or gift.


    The word sachet comes to English from the French language, and is derivative of the French word sac, which means bag. The term dates from the 15th century.


    Sachets can be placed in linen closets or dresser drawers to keep content smelling fresh and sweet. Sachets can also be placed in guest rooms or bathrooms for a subtle herbal scent.


    There are many flavors of sachet, with popular blends including lavender, balsam, rosemary and potpourri. You can find sachet at craft fairs, boutiques, home goods shops and other small stores.


    You can make your own sachets by sewing or purchasing cloth bags and filling them with a signature blend of potpourri, dried lavender, dried lemon peel or similar items. Martha Stewart has an easy-to-follow lavender sachet craft project (see Resources).


    While sachets smell wonderful, they are not to be eaten. Keep them out of the reach of small children and curious pets.


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