• Fossil fuels are high energy sources from plants and animals that died millions of years ago. The fossil fuel reserves are found buried deep in the earth. These reserves are salvaged and used to power cars, electricity and other machinery that requires energy.


    The University of Michigan estimates that three billion barrels of oil are consumed each year.


    The most fossil fuel reserves are located in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia claims the most fossil fuel reserves. Europe and Asia have the next highest amount with North America being the third area with the most fossil fuels.


    Fossil fuels contain high amounts of hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons have high amounts of energy in the molecule's bonds. When these bonds are broken energy is released, giving consumers power for machinery.


    The most common type of fossil fuel used is gasoline. Petroleum oil like kerosene is used to fuel appliances and lamps. Jet fuel and diesel fuel are also used to power cars and planes.


    The effects of using fossil fuels has led to the "go green" movement. The reserves will eventually run out, and the byproducts of fossil fuel combustion are unhealthy. The "go green" movement urges people to use less energy and recycle products to reduce waste.


    University of Michigan: Fossil Fuels

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