• My Father was on the LAPD for 25 years and was in the first Watts Riots and he never, ever shot at ANYONE.
  • I once overheard a man say he made it a practice to buy guns at gun shows, and then leave them laying around in the streets of black neighborhoods so that the black people would shoot each other. He bragged that he was personally responsible for the death of dozens of them even though he had never fired a gun in his life.
  • better question is how many minorities have they tasered, pistol whipped, billy clubbed and stomped?
  • Lots of colored people are getting tickets for so many stupid alligation on the streets, till the judge will have to dismiss so many ridiculous cases.
  • My relative has been a cop for more than 20 years, and he has only discharge his weapon once outside of training: in defense against a cracked out white person.

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