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  • i dont really think so. it is all based on the intent of the picture rather than its content
  • No. When my children were small we wanted pictures of all their fun times and their progress - if we were having fun playing with bath toys why should we think twice before taking a photo. Babies are not conscious of anything sexual and no normal parent would take a photo of a naked child for thise purposes, personally I think it is really sad when you have to stop and think whether it is apporpriate to take a picture of a little one playing naked in a paddling pool or the bath!
  • No I think some of the laws have gotten silly now.
  • Idiots who think that would burn a masterpiece painting like Raphael's "Madonna and child with Book." And by the way, that baby is Jesus. The only total evil in this world is censorship.
  • Definitely not... it is such a shame that cute images of babies in the bath get considered to be indecent. People get investigated for child pornography and paedophilia over those photos. It's just sad now that you think twice about every photo you take of your child.
  • No. Only the ones that depict anything remotely sexual are to be considered as being pornographic. While an innocent nude photo of anyone may sexually arouse some people, the photo itself is not pornographic unless a sex act is shown or implied.
  • No. But there have been cases where photo processing shops have reported parents to the police over innocent family pictures. I would never put any family photos on the Internet without restricting who can see them.
  • What kind of perverted sexual deviant takes pictures of naked infants? That's just beyond disgusting, filthy, and immoral. Yes, its child pornography.
  • Oh, for pity's sake. Have you seen the babies on "America's Funniest Home Videos"? Pixillated! I can't believe it. Naked babies are as natural as rain. Any ding dong in the WORLD can tell when it's child porn or a family photo or home movie. It's disgusting how American's can't or won't discriminate.
  • I agree with the poster who said it was sad that we have to think twice about taking bath time or kiddie pool photos for fear of losing our children. It's sad that so many see something dirty in almost any situation. Look what happened to this couple. There is nothing wrong with naked. When I was growing up my folks allowed me to run around in the back yard naked making mud pies. (age 2-3) I bet CPS would arrest parents who did the same thing now. I have a hard time keeping clothes on my twin grand daughters who are three years old. After their bath they delight in running through the house yelling, "Nakie Time Nakie Time" and giggling. My son (their father) remarked that it would be fun to have video of them doing that we could replay to them when they were older but we would never do it for fear it would be misconstrued. It takes a corrupt and evil mind to see something wrong with being naked I think.
  • Only if you are a pedophile.

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