• Do your family approve of you dating different races? If not I wouldnt rush into them meeting he/she in a hurry. Although if this is a case you need to prove to them that you love them and they need to put aside their dislikes for the race and accept your partner as a member of the family. If you are just nervous/shy go for it! If your partner is ready then this is a great step! Good luck!
  • Is there any particular reason why you haven't introduced your girlfriend/s to your family yet? Do you think they will react badly to you dating outside your race? I think the best thing is to make sure that everyone is comfortable with meeting, and have a casual, relaxed introduction. Surely your family will trust your judgement and see all the things about your parter that you love in her. If my family threw a fit because I dated outside my ethnicity, that would not change the way I felt about my partner. It's your life, your love to give. Yes, family is important, but at the end of the day, you need to do what makes you happy, not what makes everyone else happy. If you love her, be with her.
  • Yes, there is no such thing as race. It is a social construct. If you looked at different people around the world geographically, you would see a colour spectrum in relation to the equator. We're all very much the same - in fact, there's only half a chromosone between us and monkeys. That being said, as far as dating is concerned, you should really stop at humans. I'm sure your parents won't mind that you're dating someone with a different skin tone and cultural background. Relax, and enjoy the fact that you're not one of those people who feels that they should only be attracted to someone who looks enough like them to be their brother or sister.
  • You date outside your race? that is such an outdated term. You mean you date cross-culturally. I married cross culturally, so I can tell you that it is unlikely that your family do not know about your girlfriends. If my guess is right, they know, but they are ignoring it, believing that, in time, you will do what is expected of you and marry the "right" girl. The fact that you have never even tried to introduce any of these girls to your family indicates that you know they will disapprove. So, you have to do some thinking. Here are some points to take into consideration: 1) Is it possible that you are dating cross-culturally as an act of rebellion? If so, are you prepared for the consequences should you really fall in love with one of these girls? 2)Are you prepared to withstand the pressure if you do fall in love and want to marry? 3)Are you prepared to put a girl from another culture through the wringer, so to speak (I have been there, I know; I was the outsider!) 4)If you know in your heart that they will never accept her, what will you do? Will you turn your back on your own culture? If so, is it possible that, at some later stage, you may take it out on her? (It happens) Let me make some suggestions also: -I am not saying not to date cross-culturally (not at all! I did and am 27 years married), but you must do it for the right reasons, not just rebellion. -If you choose to date a girl who is not from your culture, try to choose one whose culture or background has some points of contact with your own. My husband is culturally Italian. I am culturally Angl-Celtic, but both of us come from large, boisterous families, with strong loyalties. I also had studied Italian and German (his mother is German) even before I met him, so he used that as a bargaining chip ("She understands our languages; she will fit in) My husband and I were also of a common personal faith. My parents were nominal protestant, his mixed nominal catholic/protestant. But he and I had both the same personal faith. We also met at University, studying some of the same courses and had friends in common. These were a lot of points of contact that strengthened us together against any cultural onslaught. To have put a girl of my background through the wringer without those points of commonality would have been a disaster. These are just a few thoughts. I hope they help.
  • You should be proud if your girlfriend no matter what
  • I think that if you are with her because you love her then stay with her and dont worry about what your parents dont approve of. I have a strong bond with my mom and i'm dating someone out of my race, too. My mom doesnt even know about it because she doesnt agree with dating out of your race, but i have been dating him for almost 2 years and shes clueless. I think that some things are just meant to be and you can't help who you fall in love with. so, if the person makes you happy and you love them with all your heart, then obviously its is meant to happen. i believe this with all my heart, and i cry every night because I'm lying to my mom and I mean she found out one time but she made me break up with him. I did and felt so bad and we got back together. If she wants me to be happy and wants me to love then she will have to let me choose who i want that special person to be!!
  • How many girlfriends do you have? Do they all know about it? At 27 you don't have to introduce your family to any of them if you don't want to, your shenanigans are none of their business.

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