• Definitely. Some liberals feel that anyone to the right of Michael Moore is a fascist; some conservatives think that anyone to the left of Rush Limbaugh is a communist. This not only degrades the language, it also trivializes the enormity of the two most destructive ideologies of the twentieth century.
  • No more offensive than people imagining that any politician will look out for my interests before their own ambition.
  • It's the idiots who try to mislead us with their psychobabling on both sides than the language itself. Most people want their knowledge in small chucks ready to serve microwave ready in a handy wrapper without ever giving it reasonable thought.
  • The only thing wrong with communism is that human greed has prevented it from working, although I agree with you about fascism.
  • 7-1-2017 Both terms refer to specific political regimes, one in Russia, the other in Italy. Both words are poorly defined and used as general purpose insults. The only thing anybody knows about "fascist" is that it involves cops stamping out all resistance to the will of the government, and some people don't insist on such a specific meaning. Most people can't explain the difference between communism and socialism. (Communism is a type of government.) Using either term lightly only exposes that you have not done your homework and are speaking cliches.

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