• Haven't seen any of the trilogy movies.
  • nice and ok, richly grand and husky, but I can't hate the camera angles if that really was the best cliff shot they had available.
  • Not much. I've watched them all, but found them very over-rated.
  • I thought the films were mesmerizing but I have not read the books, yet. Can't wait for/if Peter Jackson makes "The Hobbit" into film.
  • Better than Twilight. +2.
  • I've loved the books since I was a kid. I think the films faithfully represent the books; they did an excellent job. I hope "The Hobbit" is given the same treatment.
  • i think that they are well writen (allthough alittle wordie), origional, the characters are aptivating and the storyine driving. all in all i feel that it is a good book. now that that i out of the way i can say that the oppening is too long, frodo is just an annoynace and could be replaced bay anything and the storywould still be as brilliant ... lets say a cucumber, ht timeline is difficult to understnad the and bits in elvish are only translatable if your a GIANT NURD and the battle at helms deep wasn't as in depth as i though it could be ... but, despite these little niggles the book is amazing and i have read it a million times (i say it because it was writen as ony one book but seporated by the publishers due to the paper shortage) as far as the films go i feel that it was well cast (bar frodo who sould just go die) the cinamatic devises are good, the camera work is well thought out and the whole thing was well directed. desipte the fact that it mianders slightly from the books, and what happened to tom bambadil! he was my faveorate bit in the book. it was well set (appart from fangorn forset which wobbles when the characters are moving in it) and the plot is as driving as ever despite all this i still prefer the hobbit
  • The special effects are amazing, actors very good. . This isn't to detract from LotR, but it makes me even more amazes at what they did with Star Wars way before computers reached the level they have now! . I am bothered though by the changes made to the story. I understand why they had to cut some parts of the original story, it would just be too long otherwise, but why add stuff, like Frodo sending Sam away? . I think it is like doing a remake of a song. You have to be awfully sure of yourself(and a little bit arrogant), to think you can bring something new/better to the original. Did they really think they could improve on Tolkien???
  • They were amazing movies, a bit long. +5
  • I love the movie.

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