• I know of a few...but I don't know those details! Sorry! Hope you have a swift and successful recovery, though!
  • i had problem with 5 and 6. i had surgery and the pain relief was so great. i had the pain in lower back where the incision was but compared to the pain on my sciatic nerve it was relief. the 1st 2 weeks were slow going then i started physical therapy and by 6 i was almost back to regular activity level except for lifting weight restrictions that was full 12 weeks. i wish you the best of luck. +5
  • Once you have that operation, there will be no turning back. I'd have a chiropractor check you over first. Musculo-skeletal problems should go to the expert in that field. Surgeons tend to be knife-happy. Sometimes it really is necessary. But it's best to be sure before doing what cannot be undone.
  • L5-S1 disk replacement with stem cells not hip bone. 7 years ago, best thing I ever did! It took me about 12 hours to get out of bed and walk. was in the hospital 5 days. It was painful yes but the drugs help that. I was up and doing my regular (light duty no lifting) chores within a week and a half. I pushed myself a bit hard. I don't suggest this. i was feeling like a million bucks within two months. I felt like my old self. It was a 99% sucess. The only thing that sucks now and it is sooo minor is there is a spot above my knee that is always numb. I do everything I use to, well did. I am laid up again but not with my back. My surgery gave me my life back. I was painfree again. Good luck! I am around all the time if you need someone to talk your worries over with!=)
  • Check the surgeon's track record before you hire him/her. . I wish you the best.
  • You have asked the right question at the right time to the right person. I have had two cervical operations. one surgery was performed from the rear of my neck, the second from the front. I have a metal plate and six screws in my neck. a mailman hit my vehicle from behind. I am going to be honest with you and tell you that cervical surgery is not fun. i wore a hard neck brace for six weeks, six weeks of torture. i could not sleep, i could not eat and i finally learned how to drink coffee with a straw. I developed panic attacks from my neck surgery. not being able to take the neck brace off gave me a smothering sensation. doctor gave me paxil and it helped tremendously. If you need further info from me, my email is on my avatar and i will be happy to discuss this surgery with you. John.
  • my coworker, Pauline centers had disk replacement. she dropped the hotel gig to pursue her other profession, a minister. not sure about exact recovery time but she was back online sending out funny pictures, video clips and jokes within the week of her op. good luck, be brave and get well soon.
  • I am so proud of you for writing ths question, you will receive the help and advice that your seeking, I hope and will pray that all goes well for you my sweet, but please keep me posted (((HUGS)) just for you :)
  • My banker had disc work done,he had to go to Europe to get it done as the AMA hadn't approved the operation,still haven't as far as I know,nylon disc replacement for the complete reconstruction of a disc He has been fine and pain free(as far as I know,which is a lot)for the past 6-7 years,,all went well,recovery wasn't too bad,he lives a normal life now that it has been done. All the best to you!
  • Is the "9 days" in your user name the time until you have the surgery Stargater? I wish you the best and PLEASE DO let your AB Family know you are ok as soon as you can! I'll be thinking of you hun!!! +5
  •, I haven't.... But I wish you all the best. I'm sure a wonderful person like you will be able to battle it out. :) It really varies from person to person... From what I've seen, you don't seem like the kind of person who backs down easily. (lol, I just read your profile too...) Those are my short words of put your mind at ease.

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