• I have a record player. That's my favorite. Oh, and my VHS collection will probably never get updated... Ah well... Thank goodness vintage is cool! lol
  • I wanted to thank you for the tutorial on posting links and that kind of thing. It has helped me quite a bit, not only on AB, but on other stuff too:) By the way, we dont have much for out dated media. We are real americans when it comes to throwing everything away lol:) Have a great weekend big daddy:)
  • I still have some of all the kinds listed- I don't play most of them anymore but my 8 tracks still work along with the player to play them. I have several of VHS tapes. (exact no. I have no clue)
  • yep have no ****ing idea and yep The digital compression on copied cd's and Dl'es media sounds like crap to tinney, no refinement
  • got rid of such rubbish with crackcles and scratches and stretched tapes
  • *Gotsta* spin my max stacks of wax! ;-)
  • Cassettes and I'm converting them to cds. I have about 200 vhs tapes but do not have the equipment to convert them. What a pain.
  • I have a few vhs tapes and one cassett tape that I'll never get rid of
  • I still have vinyl, casstettes, and VHS tapes. I have hundreds of the stuff. Yes I still use them. Why throw out something that works? I also have all my old school video games. The 8 tracks got trashed many, many, many years ago.
  • Yes, for Cassettes and VHS tapes. I have a few cassettes, but don't really play them much. I love the VHS medium and wish it were still around. Do get me wrong though I really like DVDs too, especially for those season sets. I still buy used VHS tapes when I find ones I like.
  • I have a lot of old VHS tapes and cassesttes. I rarely use them however.
  • I have probably 2 grocery bags of cassette and Dat tapes I have left from the days before ProTools when I used a Tascam 4 Track to record. I plan to one day lsiten to them all again and maybe use some of those ideas in newer music I am writing..this will probably never happen. I have probably around 100 vinyl albums of various music I've somehoe mysteriously inherited. Still listen to them sometimes. Used a couple for samples. A few VHS tapes of home videos I plan to (maybe, eventually)one day put on dvd to save for posterity.
  • I have hundreds of vinyl LP albums and a turntable that I can play them on, with stereo speakers. I have dozens of VHS tapes and a VHS player. I have hundreds of DVD recordings and a DVD to play them on in the home and in the car. I have hundreds of CD's and a CD player. I also have reels and reels of recorder tapes, but no recorder to play them on, many reels of 8mm and 16mm home movies and a projector to show them on. I never play any of them.
  • I still have most of my albums from when I was young and that was the popular media; too many to count. The 8-tracks I had I gave away. Still have some casettes and still have many VHS tapes. I still use the VHS tapes! I have too many of them to replace them. It would cost a fortune.
  • I have a few records and a number of tapes that I hold onto for sentimental value. I also have a bunch of VHS tapes that I might watch on occasion if I had a working VCR.
  • I have about 100 VHS tapes and about 50 or so cassette tapes. Yes, I still watch and listen to them, and I still use them to record t.v. programs and songs from CDs. There are many old shows and family videos that I recorded way back, and every once in awhile I like to watch the "good ol' days" and go down "memory lane". I think I have 1 or 2 8-tracks left over from the 70s, given to me by my older brother. He used to listen to Elton John in his car way back in the late 70s. And yes, I also have a lot of vinyl records---about 30 or so, in their cardboard sleeves, stored away in the cellar in boxes. I haven't listened to them in years. "ABBA" and the like. Lol.
  • I use VHS whenever I need to record a TV show or something, and I also use floppy disks all the time, more often than CDs usually.
  • Sure. I have a radio and some other stuff.

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