• Most people know what happens when their car has a dead battery: nothing. Trying the ignition several times and not hearing the roar of your engine can be frustrating. A car battery is necessary for your automobile to work properly.


    Think of a car battery like a person's brain, firing signals so that the organs work and limbs move properly. A car battery sends electricity to the rest of the car, allowing the engine to engage, lights to turn on and off, and turn signals to work.


    A battery is an electro-chemical device, meaning it creates electrical power from a chemical reaction that occurs inside the battery.

    Power To The Car

    The battery sends electrical current through the battery cables to the engine, which engages or "turns over" the engine, causing the car to move.

    Engage vs. Disengage

    You may have seen someone pour a liquid into a battery. The liquid is sulfuric acid.


    The sulfuric acid inside the battery cell is vital to the operation of the car but be careful. Sulfuric acid will burn the skin, and the vapors and liquid are highly combustible and irritable to the eyes. Also remember, an electrical current can cause a shock if the battery covers are not closed tightly.


    Car and Deep-Cycle Battery

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