• We shouldn't love something that is out to enslave us with taxes. The Gov't doesn't love us after all.
  • Because our government doesn't love and respect it's ppl. It takes and takes and takes, it lies and lies and lies, it cheats and cheats and cheat. Our government can not be trusted. They are always coming up with ways on how to take our hard earned money. We are slaves to our US Government.
  • I can. But I already learned not to. The problem with learning emotions is that they're subjective, so hating the US government is just as "good" as loving it.
  • I do like government. I would not say I love it, though.
  • G'Day kiethold I would like to believe most Americans love their Country, However, our Government has moved so far away from the principles of which America was founded. As long as our Politicians who run the Government put their OWN interests ahead of what is best for the country, they will continue to be loathed...If we ever get back to the principles and ideas of our founders concerning the Gov. role, we will once again be peoud of what we are....Doesn't look to be happening anytime soon however...
  • we would then get to bored and go bonkers.
  • Because, right now, our government is pretty unloveable. I do love my country, though.
  • How can one love something that is full of corruption?
  • the government is not there to be loved, its only purpose is to keep itself in power, and to increase its power by any means possible.
  • I'll love my Government when it leaves less of a foot print on my life.
  • Because it has become overbearing and abusive of its citizens. The bureaucrats in charge seem to have forgotten whom they work for.
  • One of The biggest components of love is trust. We have the most untrustworthy government in history. I see this as insurmountable and a complete love deal breaker. :)
  • When more effort is exerted toward effectively running government than is wasted toward keeping career politicians in office.
  • Probably because this government is not concerned with the welfare of its citizens. The government is run and persuaded by the illuminati and corporations have more influence than their political puppets. Who would want to support a government that passed the surveilance act, and supports "wars on terror" that are just bankrupting the economy. We are told that by supporting our goverment makes us a true patriot, but really true patriotism is expressing dissent if you feel that you are not being represented right.
  • It does. The U.S. folks do, when it's Republicans driving America into the ground.
  • Probably because at this point it would feel like the kind of unhealthy love that leads people to stay with their abusers. Needy and clinging. Now when the US starts treating it's citizens with the respect they are due as the spokes that keep their "big wheel" turning I'm sure we will all fall in love all over again.
  • Because one can never truly love what they do not trust. As one should never trust their government, one should then never truly love it.
  • nobody agrees with all the laws in the gvt thats y nobody loves or supports completely the gvt
  • Our population does love its government ... it worships at the alter of the Progressive idealogues, eats up the rhetoric and grows weaker each day from the lack of nutrients they receieve. This is evidenced by the continued acceptance of our governments imposing more taxes, more laws, more waste, less efficiency, less transparency, as well as, less voter turnout in all but national elections. Unfortunately, contrary to what I guess we are led to believe, the government is not meant to be loved ... it is not meant to be your mother ... it is only meant to represent and do the business of a nation. In our case, that business of government is the business of greed and corruption; regardless of party, they are all equally corrupt and self serving. To blame it on any one party, or any one person, just demonstrates an emotional attachment to the process that completely overshadows any real ability to see the truth. This is typically the process used by the fourth branch of our government, the media, and it does sell advertising and increase ratings! Wait ... did I ever answer the question in all that ranting ....
  • Some of us do like our government. I don't love the government. Those who hate the government are really unhappy because their party lost, so they are determined to gripe about everything all the time so other people from other countries think no one in America is happy. You never heard those people complain when George W. Bush was president and the country was going deep into recession. If you hear lots of crying and whining, it's the conservatives. They have nothing better to do than that. The Republicans are the do nothing, but complain, party.
  • The government is not trying to woo the natives. Their vote cannot be relied upon. Rather they try to appease those whose whom they can grant the right to vote. They are much more loyal. Think of those who have gotten that right within the last few years and you will see who the government cares about. It's not us and that's why we can't love our government.
  • Other way around bud
  • Alot of Americans no longer love "the government," because it no longer reflects the will of the people; only special interest groups.
  • Because occasionally it falls into the hands of those who use it to line their own pockets at the expense of everyone else: Republicans.

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