• Do you think that interesting fact is in a book somewhere?
  • Eight years while running the country from the White House.
  • You mean something you stick up your ass so you don't poo? If so I find it fascinating. What is the reason for that besides holding in your poo?
  • Considering that Rush Limbaugh is so fat, I'd say that he's got the record.
  • Until they need a shit.
  • Anal retention is something I have noticed can be a lifetime condition. I did not realise that it was butt plugs and there bye personal choice.
  • I am kept permanently plugged by my Mistress (/wife). She makes me wear a locking butt-plug harness to ensure that it never comes out except for short toilet breaks (2-3 per day). Luckily, I have been allowed to wear a medium vented plug during the day and its great for 24/7 wear. Sometimes Mistress replaces my regular plug with a large one as punishment and I've even gotten used to it, although it gets annoying with cramping after awhile.

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