• Seeing as "hell" is a figment of man's imagination there is no chance you will end up in a place that does not exist.
  • If you do believe in God that just opens a portal to the supernatural and believing in weird and unnatural stuff including hell.
  • Well some might say so, but if you don't believe in God then you don't believe in hell therefore neither exist, so you're safe!
  • No. Hell and heaven are part of the whole religion, if you don't believe in god, how could you believe in heaven and hell? It's highly improbable that they even exist.
  • According to Christian dogma, yes. (This is asked in the Christian section.) You have to be redeemed of your sin by accepting the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus in order to avoid hell. Now, some denominations differ slightly. Some say that those who never had a chance to accept Jesus will be given another chance (although what that would look like, I have no clue). Some (like the Jehovah's Witnesses) believe Hell is eternal death - nothing. You simply won't be resurrected when Jesus returns. My answer: no. Hell doesn't exist. If you don't believe in god, why would you be worried about going to hell? Exactly how are you going to get there? It makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Your question doesn't make sense. If there is no God, then there is no such thing as hell.
  • No, but if you don't believe in Santy Claus, you won't get any presents for Xmas. ;)
  • No because there isn't a hell for you to go to.
  • No you will not
  • if you dont believe in god . you shoulden't beleive in hell .
  • Yes. And no guns allowed in hell. Only Pitchforks.
  • no your just mulch
  • Yes. Hell is the absence of God's love. Since you deny God, you will not experience his love, hence hell. I am now ducking, waiting for the barrage of DR's to come...
  • Well seeing as most religions say that you have to believe in their god, cause theirs is the only right one, I'm willing to bet there's good odds that you will go to hell regardless, even if you DO believe in god. Cause you're just playing dice, hoping you've picked the right religion. But seeings as there is no hell, and the verdict is out whether god exists (and he certainly doesn't exist in the form that most religions portray anyway), No, you won't be going to hell.
  • If you dont believe in God does it matter if anyone else thinks you will go to hell or not, cos you surely wouldnt believe in a hell anyway?
  • Probably, but that's not for me to decide.
  • That's not what I think.
  • Prolly. We got BBQ chicken and beer down there. What does Heaven have? Cold hotdogs and Republican meetings about who's had the least sex? Join us.
  • "stop doubting, but believe"

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