• The lap band is a gastric banding system that reduces the amount of food your stomach can hold. Gradually, the lap band patient will lose weight and be better able to manage and control it. In order to have success, there are guidelines to follow.

    Foods to Avoid

    Foods such as pastries, syrups and alcohol have little or no nutritional value. Avoid or limit these foods.

    Problem Foods

    Dry meat, peanut butter, rice, fibrous vegetables, shrimp and citrus fruit can cause blockages in the stomach opening.


    Restrict or substitute the use of fats. Limit fats to three to four teaspoons of butter or oil a day.


    Do not drink liquids during or immediately after a meal. Liquids will flush food from stomach, preventing the "full feeling."


    It is important to take small bites so food can fit easily through the opening to the stomach. This will avoid blockages caused by food.

    Source: After Surgery How It Works

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