• People love money?
  • I don't see any adverts so it's a bit difficult to visualise, but I imagine that what you are seeing is an advert, and I understand that the placing of ads is contracted out to another company.
  • Probably! But we can thank the wackjobs for paying for the site so we can use it! LOL!! We got the last laugh on them now.
  • This is America. Scientologists are not corrupting me in any way. Why are they corrupting you? Ignore what you don't care about. Or do something about it. They are no worse than the control other faiths that hold sway over this whole site. Let them all convert each other.
  • The site sponsors are through Google Ads. It is Google that decides what to put there.
  • Major Tom...I'm surprised that you of all people would ask such a question. Is this your question or someone else's and perhaps you are just the go-between? That is extremely judgmental and I don't see you as judgmental. What am I not understanding here? What is your intention with this question? I'm sure I'm misunderstanding you. That must be it.
  • I honestly did not know anything specific about Scientology. Now I know I would never be interested in joining up. So it was a win, win. AB made some cash. I learned that Scientology is basically a pyramid scheme with disguised as a church.
  • Your free not to read any of their trash and money does
  • Evidently. They also accepted ads from the "Yes on 8" people [the CA proposition], despite the bigotry and hatred that entailed. When I complained about it, they stated that the get all their advertising from a broker, and have no say in what content is contained.
  • What a ridiculous question! Of course money talks. I hope you are just trying for a wee bit of conversation.
  • Perhaps the Scientologists don't believe they are frauds! Everyone has a right to their own belief system. Many people and things offend me but I believe in the right of free speech. Answer Bag will naturally go where the sponsors are. The Scientologists are simply meeting a business demand. Sorry to disagree with you Tom! +4 just the same mate!
  • Obviously because they are giving answerbag money and money is the center of the universe. I hate scientology too, just for you to know.
  • discrimanation & money both talk.

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