• Nothing, with just those three , but you can mix the ice cream with mayo and get fat double fast, if you like.
  • You're "screwed", babe!
  • Well, I don't call that exciting for me. But if that is what works for you, ok. I can only suggest what I would try, given those ingredients. I would build a little house with the crackers and stuff it with the ice cream. Then I would "ice" it with the mayonnaise and put it in the freezer for a while until the mayonnaise hardens a little. That is about as exciting as I can get. Enjoy!
  • Weird ice cream sandwiches - mmm MMM! hahaha
  • Oh wow. Use this next time:
  • you could practice for soggy biscuit!
  • You can make; 1. cream cracker-Ice cream sandwiches with a dollip of mayo on top.(pretend the mayo is whipped cream) 2. Use the mayo on a sandwich or salad of your liking. 3. Cream Crackers and Tea. 4. Crumble up the crackers on top of soup. 5. Use the Ice Cream and make a smoothie. 6. Make Ice Cream balls and roll them on the crumbled up crackers and re-freeze for an "interesting" treat. I could go on but you get the idea.
  • Christ. You might be amazed/disgusted by some of the things I have had to get by on. One time I spread margerine onto hot dogs and ate that. Another time I lived a whole week on just M&M's. I dunno what "cream crackers" are exactly but if they are solid like a Saltine you should use them to scoop ice cream like little spoons. Or spread the ice cream on them and eat them like that. You can top them with the mayo too but it might not taste as good.
  • Some real disgusting meals.
  • probably something exciting, but not very tasty :)

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