• Richard Leakey recommends a sustainable population of about 3 Billion (less than half its present size). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - By 2050, the world will host nine billion people—and that's if population growth slows in much of the developing world. Today, at least one billion people are chronically malnourished or starving. Simply to maintain that sad state of affairs would require the clearing (read: deforestation) of 900 million additional hectares of land, according to Pedro Sanchez, director of the Tropical Agriculture and Rural Environment Program at The Earth Institute at Columbia University.
  • Hmmm; maybe that's the real reason they're looking for water on the moon!
  • We can probably sustain what we have and maybe a few billion more, but I bet urbanization around the world will drive birthrates down significantly. And that's optimistically assuming climate change doesn't hurt us seriously.
  • 40 billion But if Everyone in the world at the current "prosperity" level of Northwest Africa.
  • Not much more.
  • not many more years of doubling as the world can only support so many people either a giant war or a plague will cut the population down ~ONE Billion people go to be Hungry every day and not all of them are on diets either
  • If it wasn't for mordern science today, the world couldn't handle the population we currently have,IMO.

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