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  • Generally it would be harder for your wife to feel you and respond to you after she has been with other men because there would be much less friction so it would be more difficult for her to have an orgasm unless she responds mainly to clitoral stimulation. Never fantasized about that myself but have been with women who were gratified by the attentions of multiple partners emotionally if not sexually. Please be careful of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • u r sick go visit a psychatrist
  • It is a dream of mine....the closest I've gotten is using a dildo on my wife while I lick her. I hope to someday have the real thing! I would lick his cum off of her and swallow it all!
  • OH YES, and it was great, if I could do it right now I'd be up for it.
  • Hubby sure likes fucking and sucking me after I've done other guys and I like gutting fucked and sucked so I guess it is a win win.
  • I have fucked a woman while her husband watched. She looked at me and then at him and she said to him "you are going to come over here and eat a load of cum out of my cunt" ---- then she told me to blast inside her. I shot my load and he was watching my dick slide in and out of her pussy while I came. I then slowly pulled out, my cock glistening with cum and her juices. He went for her pussy so quick that he actually brushed my cock with his face. He proceeded to clean my cum out of her pussy and she talked nasty to him the whole time he was eating her box clean. I just watched. Later that night I blasted all over her tits and he licked it all off also. We never did male-on-male stuff but clearly that couple was somewhat into it.
  • Why don't you fuck her, cum in her, then fuck her again?
  • Yes (wife and a g/f) it was great, I would do it today if I could. Yes, it's as good as the fantasy, To slid in after he as pounded her hard and hot, and then slid in when she is hot and slick and work it slow, long, short, deep, and then hard until I nut is great. Even better when he is ready for a second turn, because then I get another turn!!! I have had my own seconds but its better when I can take a breather and watch her cum more and see him pumping a hot load in her. (VERY EXCITING)!!!!!

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