• The whole virus thing used to be true. However, now days viruses aren't designed to just to spite Bill Gates, but are created with the intent of stealing your personal information.
  • It is very true,I have owned one for over 2 years with no viruses.It works very fast and is the Rolls Royce of computers.I also had a PC and it would get viruses continually.
  • Have you tried Linux first? You can use it on your existing PC and it's free, so even if you still go for a Mac in the end, it won't have cost you anything. Windows does tend to slow down over time, but Linux doesn't. Also, like the Mac, Linux is relatively safe from viruses. try
  • The Mac was susceptible to one (1) virus that was written exclusively for it. I would imagine there is a patch that has remedied that. . As for other recommendations I am a former Mac user and kinda miss the platform. But it's not what it used to be, it's going to be a bit of a learning curve for you because the interface is exactly different enough to drive you mad sometimes. . And generally it can't run just any old prog - though the main ones run just fine (unless I'm all wrong about this - I know it can run Windows but I don't understand how WELL it does the job).
  • Macs can get viruses, but for a time not many people used them, especially businesses so hackers didn't bother creating viruses for them. As the user base grows so will the viruses. Secondly, I don't recommend buying dells. I recommend buying the individual parts of a computer, and getting a computer shop to assemble it. However don't replace your PC just cause its running slow, if you can probably get it back to its old performance, you hard drive is probably just bogged down with a lot of junk. Run a spyware check if you haven't, delete un-nessisary programs, de-frag your hard drive, or do a complete reformat. If you do a reformat I will probably run like it did a year ago. You can also buy a stick of ram and install it or get someone else to. The more ram, the more your PC can do at once.

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