• H1N1 vaccines!!!
  • A teddy bear I know its so generic but in that situation could use something warm and soft.
  • I answered this then the site went down so here I go again. I would call the hospital and ask them. ANy toys or things that are brought in usually have to be brand new due to the germ issues. Stuffed animals, puzzle books (older ones), toy cars, etch a sketch, crayons, coloring books, etc are some things to think about but the hospital would advise you better on that.
  • Crayons...coloring books...books:):) Hot chocolate and marshmallows..fruit roll ups..movies..comic books..water colors and paper..and better yet play doh:) Maybe even a Wii with Rockband:):):) It depends on your budget:)
  • Books Puzzles Cards Games Snacks Creative crafts Hand held electronic game
  • Crayons and Coloring books.
  • anything you would have liked as a kid and/or when you were in the hospital
  • How about small blankets....with cartoon characters? If I was a kid in the hospital, I would want a blankey.
  • Usually, the hospitals will read you a list of boys items and girls items :) Call and ask if they have requirements.
  • Blankets, books, and balloons. Three itmes my girl can't do without. The balloons could be the unflated kind that comes in a box, not them fancy animal shaped or whatever kind. She uses her blanket and balloons to play the balloon game.
  • You should ask the director of the childrens dept. They do have some special needs and some requirements. For instance books are great but some hospital REQUIRE new books ONLY due to weakend immune systems of their patients. Anything that could carry germs should maybe go to a garage sale and donate the funds the childrens ward. Its a wonderful thing you want to do, I know the kids and parents will really enjoy whatever your thoughtful heart sends.
  • Say what? Send a care package?? Slap me stupid! Why would anybody send a care package in the first place?!
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Brand new books
  • we just put together 4, 2 for m/f very young and same for older children. the organisers for this christmas gift scheme listed what was/wasnt acceptable for worldwide warzone orphans for examples toy guns, religeous items shaving razors etc are not acceptable.

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