• Just part of our lingo. Fix to us means prepare. Wrong or right you have to love our southern charm! :)
  • Man; are you ever gona catch hell for saying that. Did you see what happened to me with peeled potatoes? Stay out of the kitchen; man :-)
  • one of the definitions of fix is:To make ready; has nothing to do with the people of the south which i proudly am.
  • I love southern cooking! Even if they called it "rebuilt"! ;-)
  • lol. My mom never cooked. She just fixed things.
  • I am NOT Southern and I FIX eggs for breakfast and MASHED POTATOES with unpeeled potatoes! I am SO surprised at you, Mensan, that you don't know the 14th definition to 'FIX'! tsk! tsk!
  • Maybe she wants them fertilized. +5
  • lmao, that's funny.
  • "Fixed" = prepared Get use to it.
  • If it ain't broke don't fix it? Or A raw egg still in the shell is not generally considered suitable for human consumption (tantamount to "broke"). Hence, it needs to be "fixed" to make it suitable for your delicate digestive system. Howzat, y'all?
  • My family is as yankee as they come and we always "fixed" breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • LOL. As a Southerner, I know that my Puerto Rican partner occasionally finds my use of English to be interesting. (He's fluent in English and Spanish, but Spanish came first and he's got his own interesting permutations of English phraseology.) . I'll put it to you this way, Mensan. Your girlfriend is offering to "fix" the eggs because they do not currently exist in a form in which they would be pleasant for you to consume. This situation is, in her estimation, a clear flaw in the current state of the Universe. . Her offer to fix you some eggs (meaning to align the state of said eggs with a condition which you would find to be enjoyable) means that she thinks that anything that isn't already the way you like it represents an unacceptable state which she is offering to repair. In other words, "fix." I hope this helps you to appreciate the extraordinary deference to your opinion she shows. But I'm tired, and now I'm fixin' to go to bed. LOL.
  • LOL, I say stuff like that too, even though I've lived in the QC area my entire life. My dad's side of the family comes from Alabama and they still use all those southern terms and I grew up with it. Are you coming to the QC?
  • Eggs can be "fixed" or "made" in any of those ways. I'm not sure it's a Southernism. I "make" breakfast as often as I "fix" it, and I do both much more often than I "cook" breakfast. But I "make" an omelet, never "fix" one, and never "cook" one. I "cook" bacon, never "fix" or "make" it. And I "fix" grits, never "cook," "make," or "prepare" them. For most Southerners, I think, "preparing" means getting the food ready to cook, while "fixing" includes both preparation and cooking. Anyone want to check me out on this last bit?
  • We are obviously both getting pedantic in our old age. I find it funny when someone says I am MAKING chicken, steak, etc. It is a US Thing. We dont create or repair. We cook. We may make an omelette or a stew or curry etc,LOL +5
  • YEAH! And so do I! Now, pass me some chili fixin's, please!
  • We lived in GA. for 12 years, never understood just what was being said !!!
  • of course eggs can't be fixed - look at Humpty Dumpty - all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty together again! Now, I can understand why the horses couldn't do it - as they do not have opposable thumbs, so picking up the little fragments of egg shell might be difficult - let alone trying to glue them together again, but surely all the king's men might have made more of an effort!
  • Why shouldn't you "fix" eggs before you're "fixin" to eat them. You are lucky to have a girlfriend that cooks, I wouldn't rock the boat.

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