• I would keep seeing them, but I certainly would not move in with them!
  • That's a deal breaker. We all get a little lazy sometimes and leave some clothes on the floor or dishes in the sink, but an extremaly filthy place is no excuse. That reflects so much on their personality. I don't care if it was the prettiest woman for me, I'd try to persuade them to use their brain, but if they even let their place get so disgusting in the first place means they are past saving lol.
  • as a bachelor,i'm not the cleanest,most organized person in the world.there's a line which i would not cross.
  • To answer my own question I would have to admit that it would be a deal breaker. To me, how someone keeps their home says a lot about them. A bit of a mess is one thing, disgusting germ infested filth built up for months and years is another. I feel that if someone can live in that kind of stuff, not is their house dirty, but so are they and if they don't have enough pride and decency to care for themselves or their living space..who knows how filthy they are...ugh
  • I am pretty fussy that way, I like neatness. If they are living in filth that would make me wonder if they have good hygiene and that would definitely be a deal breaker if they were stinky to boot.
  • It would definitely give me pause. Everyone's messy at times and if they didn't expect your visit, I wouldn't judge them on one visit. But there is a difference between mess and filth. Filth, I cannot stand. I would be very cautious with this relationship. People don't change that easily so if you think once you're together, they're going to change their ways, you're probably wrong. And if they can live like that, I probably wouldn't get along with them for very long so it would be a red flag for me.
  • that would be a deal breaker! I'm a clean and organized person myself, so I would need a man who can clean up after himself too. A house that is as messy as the ones on that show (Ive seen the show) do not happen b/c of a one-time incident. Thats years of neglect. There would be no way I could comfortably be involved with a person who lives like that. Gimme a man who can dust bust!
  • As long as the person smells better then where they live I am fine.
  • It's none of my business to say, but for me, that would be a deal breaker. A disgusting, extremely filthy house is usually a sign of several unacceptable character traits.
  • Dealbreaker. So too is a crapped up filthy car with empty cans/bottles rolling around and crushed paper bags and dirty laundry or whatever you have to move to sit in it. As the car is so too the person is. A messy/dirty car or home means that the person is messy/dirty. What is attractive about messy/dirty? :)
  • im extremely clean, sure there is a towel or some undies on the floor, but way, i have three dogs to top it off, so i raise the bar even higher, if they dont have pets/kids..i spend 3+ hours a day cleaning my beautiful, if ya wana see me come to my house, or hire a professional to clean yours.
  • It's a deal breaker for me cause if you can't keep your home clean then you can't keep yourself clean either and that's just to nasty to think about.

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