• They can get sick, or have a digestive problem, so yes they can throw up. After all they are animals and can react like us too.
  • Yeah, I'm sure all animals throw up once in their lifetime. If your rabbit has a stomach ache, he'll probably throw up, or if it eats bad room/
  • My poor baby Punim did. She had a digestive infection. She puked all over my friend which was quite funny.
  • Let me check... *uses 5 seconds of life searching google* Look at the first sentence of the first description of the first result. That is the answer. Google is your friend :-)
  • Rabbits are incapable of throwing up. They are a ruminate and the food can't come back the way it went in. Too many route changes, if you will. They do chew their cud, just like cows ands that can come up but that isn't vomit as they haven't really eaten it yet, just chew, chew chewed it.
  • Rabbits and horses are the only animal that can not physically vomit.
  • rabbits do not have the abbility to throw up i would call the vet if i were you.
  • Rabbits Don't throw up, that's why they can have bad digestive systems.
  • They can't throw up like cats do, to get rid of excess fur. You should give them a papaya tablet each day and groom them regularly.

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