• No, I don't know what it is.
  • I don't think its funny to wish any type of disease, illness, or affliction on yourself. Asperger Sydnrome is not a laughing matter for all the parents whose children are diagnosed with the condition.
  • I have Aspergers and I can tell you that he wouldn't if he did have it.
  • I'm sorry ; BUT I think your friend is a f'n IDIOT to wish to have ANY disease or afliction ... +5
  • No, I think that is horse dickery.
  • Well it's not something you hear someone say very often, that's for sure. But, there are people who think Autism is a step in evolution -- a step in the direction of what human beings will need to be in the future. I've done some reading about this and don't know enough to have an opinion.
  • no, i don't think that's funny at all.
  • Well...if he really has no idea what it is, it's pretty funny. I actually used to want to be schizophrenic at one time, I had fantasies about it, until I met someone who was afflicted with said disorder. He killed himself, and ever since then, I can't get rid of my nocturnal terrors. So no thanks. At least I learned something. But he if he does know what it is, that's a little odd, and then, quite a lotta freaky. Someone needs to point him out towards some informative sources, so he can learn about it.
  • I guess this friend wants to share in their pain or something like that.
  • His wish to be one of us and advanced in the evolutionary process is understandable. If I were a "normal" I would wanna try to be ahead too. But I was lucky enough to be born with it. So it isn't really that funny as much as it is something that I can understand.
  • I think your friend is influenced by some high- intelligence Aspies who consider themselves to be superior rather than handicapped. +5
  • No. Everyone should have at least one friend. +5
  • Funny ha-ha, or funny peculiar? Does 'that' mean your statement or your friend's? 'Wants to have' - do you mean envies, or believes he has, or what? Sorry, insufficient data.
  • I think your friend is trying to say that he lacks the ability to concentrate for and extended period and probably envys their ability to ignore the reactions of others. It's strange way to express these feelings but he probably used it as a short hand explanation to avoid a deep discussion of his perceived problems.
  • Funny-strange yes. Funny-haha no. I think your friend is confused.

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