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  • As in other cases, there are a lot of different stories in Greek myth about Hades, and they are contradictory. 1) "Persephone had no children by Hades, but she remained faithful to him—and saw that he remained faithful to her. When Hades attempted to seduce Minthe, Persephone transformed the nymph into a fragrant mint plant. Similarly, she thwarted her husband's attempt to seduce Leuce by changing that nymph into a white poplar tree. Hades returned the favor when Peirithous journeyed to the Underworld in an attempt to abduct Persephone and bring her back to Earth as his bride. When Peirithous arrived with his friend Theseus and announced his intentions, Hades graciously offered the visitors a seat. The two sat down in the Chairs of Forgetfulness: stone seats that enveloped and intertwined with their naked flesh. Though Theseus was later freed by Heracles (see The Labors of Heracles), Peirithous remained in the Underworld forever." Source and further information: Further information: 2) "As soon as Adonis was born. the baby was so beautiful that Aphrodite placed him in a closed chest, which she delivered for security to Persephone, who was also entranced by his unearthly beauty and refused to give him back. The argument between the goddess of love and the goddess of death was settled by Zeus, with Adonis spending six months with Aphrodite, who seduced him with the help of Helene, her friend, and six months with Persephone." Source and further information: 3) "Melinoe (Μελινοε, "Dark Thought", from melas, black, and noe, mind) was the ancient Greek goddess of ghosts, and propitiation-offerings made to the deceased. She wandered the earth every night with a train of ghosts, scaring anyone in their path. This was said to be the reason that dogs would bark at seemingly nothing at night. (She and her ghost train stalked the earth invisibly). She was said to be the daughter of Zeus, who took the guise of Hades and seduced Persephone by the river Styx. Because of this, Melinoe's limbs were half light and half dark reflecting the light king of Olympus, Zeus, and the dark queen of the underworld, Persephone. Melinoe seems to have only been worshipped in the Orphic Mysteries. Some traditions have attributed Melinoe as a daughter of Hades himself." Source and further information: (remember that Persephone was "the parthenogenic daughter of Demeter and, in later Classical myths, a daughter of Demeter and Zeus." ) 4) "In Greek mythology, Macaria was one of the Heracleidae, children of Heracles. She was in Heracleidae, a play by Euripides. She and her brothers and sisters hid from Eursytheus in Athens, ruled by King Demophon. As Eurystheus prepared to attack, an oracle told Demophon that he would win if and only if a noble woman was sacrificed to Persephone. Macaria volunteered for the sacrifice and a spring was named the Macarian spring in her honor. In the 10th century CE, the Byzantine Greek work "Suda" shows another Macaria as a goddess of a blessed afterlife (which was assured to Orphic mystery initiates after death). This Macaria is the daughter of Hades, and Persephone in some traditions, though there is no mention of her before this time. She then became the divinity of bliss death but wasn't famous." Source and further information: 5) "Erinyes - (Furies) The Erinyes are goddesses of vengeance who pursue their victims even after death. Euripides lists 3. These are Allecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera. Parents: Gaia and the blood from the castrated Uranus or Night or Darkness or Hades (and Persephone) or Poine (see Theoi Erinyes)" Source and further information:
  • Yes Hades had children however unlike the other gods all were with his wife Persephone. 1)The first is Zagreus,whose duty is unclear. according to some, this was the child of Zeus and Persephone, but since Hades was sometimes referred to as chthonic zeus (underworld zeus), Zagreus was sometimes considered Hades child. 2)The second child is Macaria, the goddess of blessed death. In all sources, she is considered the child of Hades and Persephone 3)The third child is known as Melinoe, a goddess of ghosts. Like Zagreus she too is sometimes considered the daughter of Zeus and Persephone. 4)The 3 Erinyes, goddesses of revenge. in some cases they are considered the children of Nyx, or Gaia and Uranus, or the god Poine, in any case they faithfully served Hades. 5)Lastly is Plutus, the god of the earth's wealth. Originally this was viewed as the child of Hades sister, Demeter and a mortal, Iasion, but later believed to be the son of Hades and Persephone since Hades was a god of the Underworld and the Earth's wealth and in vase paintings Plutus was often seen at Hades throne. Hope this helps :)

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