• Two hips fitted by a top surgeon, intant access to eye ward 24/7 because of past problems. Free meds in Wales. I dont have a problem. Some do, but nothing is perfect. Free but not perfect.
  • My husband has had bypass surgery, and also many health problems. His surgery will have cost a lot of money. We can choose where we want our surgery and prescription charges are £7.20 per item. We could have improvements in the system, as could every other country, but overall the National Health Service here in the UK works really well.
  • Mostly very happy with it. There are problems, but not as many as the press would have us believe. It frightens me that a country that is supposedly civillised, will deny healthcare to the poor simply because they can't afford it.
  • There are some problems with the Canadian health care but I know I'll never be denied for any necessary treatment. And I'll never need to mortgage my home or take out a loan to get medical treatment. Also, the Canadian government is spending no more than 10.5% of its money on healthcare which covers every Canadian while the American government is spending 16% of its money on healthcare and it doesn't cover everyone.
  • I saw my doctor just over week ago about scar tissue on my hand(dupuytrens contracture Operation) Next week I am seeing the surgeon and most probably he will say come back next Wednesday to have the scar tissue removed. It costs me nothing because we have a good national health service which everybody who works contributes to out of their wages. It gives you peace of mind because you know that you will be taken care of, even if you need a heart surgery.I recommend that eveybody goes for the new universal health care.
  • The NHS IS okay-ish! I've gota hearing problem and wear a Hearing aid - the NHS woks fine for me - but then again, i read about MRSA and other bugs infecting the Hospital wards and how New Labour's Billions of pounds of spending on the NHS hasn't worked. I think America has a better system now - If you can't afford it - WORK FOR IT! Socalism dosen't work
  • The only issue with the Canadian system is a lack of doctors, cause they're all fleeing to American for better wages... and therefore, wait times. The wait times are the biggest issue here. Months for specialist appointments and scans. Though that can vary depending on the province. Thing is though, if we had to pay for health care, my family would be broke. My mother has had three knee surgeries and been in the hospital a few times for asthma. I've had CAT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, seen pain specialists, etc... All without having to shell out anything but my time. I was in the hospital for a week in an oxygen tent when I was 6. Cost my family nothing. I have no health insurance. Only thing I pay for is my prescription drugs.
  • The UK NHS is sufficient for most needs and best of all it is free. The usual scandals result from some patients having to wait months for "non urgent" operations or organ transplants. There are other options, such as visiting another EU member state for free treatment, which some people do. But that's no so practical.
  • Guess I'm ~finally~ getting around to this question of yours, Cotton! :) I'm happy enough with our Canadian health care system. Its got its 'glitches' as others here have mentioned, but the alternative would severely 'suck' big time, if I were: 1/ poor 2/ couldn't afford health care & 3/ American & living in The States. Hope you Americans will soon come to your senses and start to care for "the least of these" in your own country, too. And if Obama & co. soon get their way, there'll be many healthier, happier Americans before too long! :) :)

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