• Obviously.
  • I think Obama's winning a Nobel Peace Prize was intended to be an award for his efforts in encouraging peace.
  • Proof that the Nobel Peace prize is nothing more than a popularity contest. What in the world has Obama actually DONE for world peace? He talks a lot, and he seems generally more eloquent than Bush; that's true. But other than that ... what?
  • I think it's grandstanding and the Nobel committee should be relieved of duty. Ghandi worked for peace. Obama hasn't done anything yet.
  • the committee openly rebuked w in 2002 when it awarded the nobel prize to former president carter, when it said that it was meant as a kick in the leg to w. then it "inconveniently" awarded gore the prize for global warming efforts. both were deserved. obama's nomination came 2 weeks after he became president!!! he hadn't had much chance to do anything, except sign executive orders to close gitmo and stop the torture. in the last 8 months, he's changed the view of the world toward america and inspired hope among those in the rest of the world. frankly, he hasn't completed nuclear arms talks or reductions or ended wars (there's so many to choose from) nor brought peace to the middle east. this award is for hope. so, it was a rebuke, it was for changing the culture, and encouraging him to go on to achieve great things.
  • The news item says: 'US President Barack Obama has sensationally won the Nobel Peace Prize, just nine months into his term, with the jury hailing his ''extraordinary'' efforts.....' . I think I am a bit surprised to read the news item after seeing the question in the answerbag! And reasonably so...
  • Yes. A year from now award, how much would such have affected the Mid=term elections? Not enough.

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