• From my understanding it is the woman(single,living together,or married) that has the final say on if they get an abortion.
  • The same rights he has now.
  • when I am emperor an unbound man (not marriage or other agreement granting him parenthood) has absolutly no rights over any children made by his sperm unless the mother agrees to give him those rights... likewise he has no responsibility to those children unless HE agrees to take those responsibility. nature made child baring a woman burden and as such if there is no other agreement all rights and responsibilities fall to her. but I do not yet rule the world and the woman can force responsibility for the baby on the man but he can not force her to be responsible for the baby.
  • It's up to the woman if she wants to continue the pregnancy or not. If she goes for the abortion, I hope she does it as early as possible (first trimester). I'm pro-choice, but I don't believe in late-term abortions unless there is some extenuating circumstances such as a life-threatening situation.
  • It is the woman's right, but the father should be taken into consideration as well. I would hate to be cast to the side just because I was not the one carrying it. This child will be of the same blood as both people. I would say the father at least has some rights to say what he wishes and then they should discuss it.
  • none. it's her choice whether to have the child or have an abortion. he might try to talk it over with her. either way, he has the duty to provide support / child support.
  • No matter what people would like to think, men and women are not the same. I believe that men and women are equal, but equal does not mean identical. Biology dictates this one, the WOMAN is the one who is pregnant, it is her body, she has the final say on what she does regarding the pregnancy. - However, it is also worthy to note that I think pregnant women seeking abortion should usually contact the man involved and discuss it with him. I don't think that the woman should be forced or legally required to do this, but I do think that it is a good thing to do. If I was pregnant, I would be making the final decision regarding abortion/adoption/keeping it, however, I would want to consult my partner first, and discuss his views on the subject. It's the decent thing to do.
  • The RIGHT to think about these things PRIOR to sexual intimacy. The RIGHT to contemplate the alternative of paying 18 years of child support payments. The RIGHT to keep his trousers up.
  • He has the right to tell everyone that she knows that she killed his child. He has the right to place an ad in the newspaper and post it on every blog on the web. He has the right to make and wear T-shirts saying that she killed his (their) child against his wishes and that he will never forgive her and never stop telling people about it. He can't stop her but he can make her pay.
  • You know, this whole issue of who has what rights when it comes to pregnancy and having or not having children really P*SSES ME THE F*CK OFF! What rights SHOULD the father have in this case? "Should" doesn't come into the picture. The father DOESN'T HAVE ANY RIGHTS to the unborn child according to the laws in our country! (America) If this "right" is so important, the time to consider this is BEFORE the pregnancy occured! HERE ARE THE RIGHTS PEOPLE REALLY HAVE WITH RESPECT TO SEXUAL ACTIVITIES: 1. You have the right to know that ANY act of sexual intercourse MAY result in a pregnancy, whether you want it or not. 2. You have the right to know that if a pregnancy occurs, the man's "rights", the woman's "rights", and the unborn baby's "rights" are all going to be f*cked up and will NOT be fair to SOMEBODY. PERIOD. 3. If you are the man, you have the right NOT to risk depositing a load of sugar into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, which will keep the factory from pumping out an Everlasting Gobstopper that may require your undivided attention for the next 20 years. 4. If you are the woman, you have the right to deny entry into your port by any savvy Sailor on liberty looking for any port in a storm. 5. If you are the man and you DO get your girlfriend pregnant, you have the right to have a nice, steaming hot cup of "shut the f*ck up" when it comes to the womans decision to keep or to abort her baby. 6. If you are the woman and you get pregnant, you have the right to decide whether or not to have the baby over anybody elses objections. 7. If you are the man and your girfriend decides to have the baby, you have the right to pay child support for the next 18 to 22 years, whether you want the child or not, and whether you get to see the child much or not. 8. If you and your girlfriend find out about an unwanted pregnancy, you both have the right to panic, worry yourselves sick, figure out how this is going to totally screw up your plans, and finally figure out how the heck you're going to raise the baby, should he be born. 9. And finally, you have the right to use 20-20 hindsight to ask yourselves "What the f*ck were we thinking?" BEFORE ALL THIS STARTED, you had the right to control your own destiny, for the most part. Afterwards, you start losing control. MILLIONS OF YOUNG ADULTS EVERY YEAR end up with an unwanted pregnancy or having a girlfriend with an unwanted pregnancy. WHAT DO THEY ALL HAVE IN COMMON? They want the 'right' to have sex without any of the responsibilities that go along with it. Ain't no such thing. And millions of young adults (and to be totally fair, grown adults as well) absolutely INSIST on trying to prove to the untold millions who have gone before that they are going to be different.
  • As far as I'm concerned (note - I am male), males should have no say in the matter of abortion unless they are married to or legally cohabitating with the woman who wants to have such an abortion. Otherwise, she's "Single" and it's her business (and her rights).
  • There are a FEW cases where the father CAN get a Restraining Order preventing the mother from aborting the BABY ... instead of Butchering it .... +5
  • He should be allowed to give his input, but ultimately the choice belongs to the female, since she carries the fetus in her body and will probably assume most (if not all) of the responsibility of caring for the child.
  • Fathers should have all kinds of rights but should isn't good enough. Women seem to forget that the child, born or unborn is also part of the man. The laws are set up to favor women in just about anything dealing with a child, born or unborn.
  • You had the right to not impregnate her. There would be no question here had you been responsible. I just love seeing comments like "the slut doesn't want to have a baby" If the male in this equation wasn't an irresponsible slut there would be no pregnancy but somehow the woman is a slut and the man is an innocent deprived of his rights? Bull! If that is your attitude I pity your mother's, nieces, wives and daughters. Hypocritical pigs!
  • When the world finally realizes these are real lives they are ending and little people they are throwing away like trash... Then maybe, men will have rights regarding their unborn children. In the meantime people need to live responsibly and not have sex unless they're prepared to accept ALL the possible outcomes of that act. Which would include but are not limited to: an unplanned pregnancy, a girlfriend that doesn't want to be pregnant and will end that life. That is always a risk that you take when you have sex. Whether you take precautions or not and I hope that you do, there is always a chance of a pregnancy. Birth control is not fail safe.
  • None, he probably won't help her take care of it. And, even if he would, it's her body not his.
  • It took two to create the child. Any decision should be made by both the people responsible. But if the father wishes her to carry the child, he must be aware that from now on he will have a financial, emotional and moral responsibility for its upbringing.
  • Basically none. As the woman has to carry the baby, the final decision should always be hers. You would rather hope that if a couple are having sex they would have discussed this possibility so they both knew what to expect..... but then personal responsibility isn't something our culture cherishes much anymore.
  • whatever rights her society/laws has given to her i suppose, this subject is so complicated and is so diverse with every country/religeon/law
  • Jeremy - Yes, what qualifies as a person is and will always be open for debate. So what is the point? That is the *whole* point! If you can't have the debate and have the majority come to some sort on agreement then no-one would ever be able to make decisions about anything! Also, you must realise that people often change their minds, right? If people just went "oh, no-one is ever going to agree" then the anti-abortion movement would have given up looooong ago. And remember - no-one is ever going to make you have an abortion. Plus, you say abortions of convenience like it is a bad thing. Because if I was financially unstable or unable to provide a good environment to raise a child I would probably have an abortion - and that would be one of convenience. Contraception is a much better solution to abortion than telling women just to go through with all their pregnancies whether it is a good idea or not. And if women didn't have abortions, who is going to pay for the welfare, the benefits, the health insurance, the mouths to feed, the crime increase, the education, the housing? Just sayin'...
  • I think he should be able to sue for the abortion. I do not believe he should be able to force her to have it, however if she wants it and he doesn't he should be able to go to court pay the highest rate for a medical abortion and then no longer have any rights to the child what so ever. If the Mom takes the money but has the kid then she chooses to have a child on her own and can not go for support. I also think this should work in reverse if the woman wants to abort but the man wants his child again he should be able to sue if he wins again no one should be able to stop the mom from doing whatever she wants with her body but regardless of if she has the child or aborts the child she would then have to pay 18 years of support to the man. Fair is fair and its sickening to see all these selfish women give there kids poorer lives than the father could have provided just because they are to selfish to let the Dad raise them. +2
  • The right to have nothing to do with her ever again if she chooses to abort, and the right to have nothing to do with her and the baby if she chooses to give birth.

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