• There is no such thing as too many books....;-D...
  • I love people, I love animals and plants... But books !Treasure they are, never enough !
  • Never to many.............I only have about 80 books ............
  • I probably have around 200. I never consider it to be too many. I don't think you can really have too many books. Unless they're all crappy paperbacks from the drugstore. Then you can.
  • There are never too many books. Just limited space to store them.
  • Between my dorm, my mom's house, and my grandmother's house, I know that I have well over 3000. You can never have enough books. I intend to acquire enough books one day to fill a modest home library, complete with oak paneled walls, a fireplace, humidor, and a decanter of Scotch, of course!
  • I have at least 150, it would be much more but I give a lot of them away when Im done reading them and just keep the ones I like the best.
  • Over 100 at least. Sometimes I have sell them to a used book store. Have no room. If I had room, I'd have thousands!
  • Yes, I got rid of over 200 books. +5
  • About 80, all are reference and instructional books.I don't read for enjoyment.
  • Several hundred, perhaps crossing 1000, of which about a dozen are yet to be read. And that's not counting my children's books, and they are strong readers too. I had two new book cases made recently, and feel I should have made one more; but that was going beyond my budget. Perhaps next year. Sometimes I HAVE to get rid of a few books to make place for new ones, and it's usually a heart wrenching exercise. And, funnily, it's only after I get rid of a book that I feel I really need it to look up something.
  • At least 50. I just finished reading two in the past week. There are too many now because I don't like having so many that I need to get around to.
  • I have about three shelves full of books and various ones lying around the place. And you never can have enough books.
  • Probably 600 or 700 right now. I'm gathering up a buch to donate. To make room for more. I love to read. It's my one pure joy.
  • There can of course never be too many books, as I see you've conclusively established with overwhelming consensus :) I fantasise about having a huge library with one of those ladders - you know the ones I mean. For now I make do with groaning bookshelves - we're just about to install new floor-to-ceiling ones about 6 metres wide and I'm already wondering where we can put some more... I have no idea how many books there are but it's a LOT with a capital OT.
  • right now, my library is about 120 ... at the largest it was nearly 1000
  • Books & books everywhere! I recently decided to expand my shelving instead of getting rid of any books. It's ridiculous that I can't pick which ones to give away.
  • I have hundreds of books many still in storage. I do not think you can ever have too many books. My books are in bookcases not laying around.

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