• Clapton’s first love after the guitar was Pattie Boyd, the former wife of George Harrison. He fell in love with her while she was still married to The Beatles member, a situation which caused considerable heartbreak for Eric and also inspired the lyrics to "Layla." After Harrison’s and Boyd’s breakup, Eric married Pattie in 1979. Apparently Pattie did not live up to all of Clapton’s expectations; he had an affair with Yvonne Khan Kelly which resulted in the birth of his daughter Ruth when he was still married. He didn’t acknowledge the birth until several years later. His second affair was with Italian model Lory Del Santo. She gave birth to son Conor in 1986 and it proved to be the last straw for Pattie. She and Eric divorced in 1989. His son Conor was later died in a fall, and Eric’s grief moved him to write the Grammy-Award winning "Tears in Heaven." Before his second marriage, Eric was involved with singer Sheryl Crow, and her single "My Favorite Mistake" was supposedly inspired by their relationship. Eric married his current wife, Melia McEnery, in 2002. The couple is currently married and has had three daughters during their marriage. This is a start. The last sentence begins that part of the story.

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